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Quotes: Your Days Are Numbered
Simon Cowell, your days are numbered. Owls will get you while you slumber...
Owls, Weebl's Stuff

1022. Can't start the game with 24 hours to live.

This is the interpretation of the thing. Mene: God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see. Fear the time left.
— Either God or Metatron, referencing the death clock everybody has hanging above their heads, Devil Survivor

"One of the distinguished surgeon's aides told me what a success the operation had been. "Oh, there is still a spot or two," and he mumbled the Italian word for metastasized. I had a sudden image of Howard on the bench in front of the Ravello post office where the old men sit in the sun. Then, when one of them dies, they all move down one place toward the main road. He was now close to the corner."
Gore Vidal, Point to Point Navigation

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