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Quotes: Your Cheating Heart
"The first man who can think up a good explanation how he can be in love with his wife and another woman is going to win that prize they're always giving out in Sweden!"
Maggie, The Women

May's in love with Kay's husband,
He's in love with Sue!
Sue's in love with May's husband,
What are they to do?
Tom's in love with Tim's wife,
She's in love with Sam!
Sam's in love with Tom's wife,
So they're in a jam!
Allegro, title song

"...Buddy doesn't care what Powers is doing to his wife. Arranged for him to do what he's doing to her. Any more than she cares about what he's doing to Avril, which, of course, is what you were doing to Donna, till she turned around and did it to you."
Stone, City of Angels

"Don't look at me! Where there's a husband who won't, there's a neighbor who will!"
Redd Foxx, You Got to Wash Your Ass

"Letters to another woman! You told me forever."
Unnamed lady, Lazer Collection 5

Every time I think about you
Heaven knows I fall into a groove
You're like a great interlude
Every time I think about your body my body says ooh ooh
Every time I think about you heaven needs a prayer
Cuz you're married and you've even got a family too
Pray that they don't hear you
Now let me see you dance on your tippy toe
Utada Hikaru Tippy Toe

Your cheatin' heart will make you weep,
You'll cry and cry and try to sleep.
But sleep won't come the whole night through,
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you.

Makes you wonder
Who's cheatin' who?
And who's being true?
And who don't even care anymore?
Makes you wonder
Who's doin' right
With someone tonight?
And whose car is parked next door?
Alan Jackson, "Who's Cheating Who"

"Thou shalt commit adultery."
— The Seventh Commandment as misprinted in the "wicked" Bible of 1631

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