Quotes / Younger Than They Look

Garcie: To be honest? I'm not sure... I kinda lost track of time for a real long time, spent a whole bunch of time in stasis...
GG: Hey, how about this: You choose your age now. How old do you feel?
Garcie: (Garcie smiles) Um... 17... ish?
(GG would do a Spit Take if he were currently drinking anything)
GG: Sev- seventeen? ...wow. You are a very mature 17-year-old, then.
(GG laughs.)
GG: But really, it's a good thing if you feel so young. Much better than feeling too old."
— Conversation during Garcie's birthday in We Are Our Avatars

Hector: Grr! You ill-hearted old man!
Oswin: Not that I'm correcting you, but I'm only in my thirties... I would say that 'Ill-hearted gentleman' to be more appropriate.
— Hector/Oswin B Support, Fire Emblem Elibe

Sakuragi: Wild Monkey! You got someone who already graduated to play for you!? That's unfair!
Nobunaga: Is there something wrong in your head!? Maki-senpai's only in the 3rd year! 17 years old!
Sakuragi: What!? 17!? (looking at Maki again) He's 17!? Who're you trying, kid!?

Santa: You may think I look great, but I'm Twenty Eight!
— Santa, explaining to Brian and Stewie how the pressures of Christmas aged him prematurely in "Road to the North Pole"