Quotes / Younger Than They Look

Garcie: To be honest? I'm not sure... I kinda lost track of time for a real long time, spent a whole bunch of time in stasis...
GG: Hey, how about this: You choose your age now. How old do you feel?
Garcie: (Garcie smiles) Um... 17... ish?
(GG would do a Spit Take if he were currently drinking anything)
GG: Sev- seventeen? ...wow. You are a very mature 17-year-old, then.
(GG laughs.)
GG: But really, it's a good thing if you feel so young. Much better than feeling too old."
— Conversation during Garcie's birthday in We Are Our Avatars

Hector: Grr! You ill-hearted old man!
Oswin: Not that I'm correcting you, but I'm only in my thirties... I would say that 'Ill-hearted gentleman' to be more appropriate.
— Hector/Oswin B Support, Fire Emblem Elibe

Sakuragi: Wild Monkey! You got someone who already graduated to play for you!? That's unfair!
Nobunaga: Is there something wrong in your head!? Maki-senpai's only in the 3rd year! 17 years old!
Sakuragi: What!? 17!? (looking at Maki again) He's 17!? Who're you trying, kid!?

Santa: You may think I look great, but I'm Twenty Eight!
— Santa, explaining to Brian and Stewie how the pressures of Christmas aged him prematurely in "Road to the North Pole"

"My name is Hans. Drinking has ruined my life. I'm 31 years old!"
Hans Moleman, The Simpsons, "Duffless"

Marcus: [Throwing open the door to his house] Who the fuck are you?
Reggie: Hi Mr. Burnett, I'm Reggie.
Marcus: Whatcha doing here?
Reggie: I came to take out Megan.
Marcus: [stares in disbelief] How old are you?
Reggie: I'm fifteen, Mr. Burnett.
Marcus: [Looks up at the kid who is considerably taller than him] Motherfucker, you look thirty.

Mike: You taking Megan out? How old is you?
Reggie: Fifteen.
Mike: Shit nigga, you at least thirty.
Bad Boys II, about 30 seconds after the previous quote.