Quotes / You Can Talk?

Leela: Nibbler you... You can talk?
Nibbler: I can do more than talk. I can pontificate.

Hobbes: You can talk?
Hobbes: Good point.

Church: Andy this is Doc, Doc this is Andy. Uh Andy, Doc is uh he's here to help Tucker. And he's also our worst enemy. You know- besides the Reds. And, Tex on, certain days.
O'Malley: Well thank you for introducing me to your bowling ball... hello bowling ball.
Andy: Actually, I'm a bomb.
O'Malley: It can talk?
Andy: Why is that the first thing everybody says to me?
O'Malley: A talking bomb, you say... Hmm I could use a fellow like you in my organization.
Church: Yeah, I should probably point out that Andy here was specifically designed to blow up and kill you.
O'Malley: I see... Well this is certainly awkward.