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Quotes: Yet Another Stupid Death
"Stupid deaths, stupid deaths, they're funny 'cos they're true. Stupid deaths, stupid deaths, hope next time it's not you!"
Horrible Histories, "Death"

"This dimension cuts like a knife.
What a pitiful waste of a human life!
What the fuck just happened? (Happened)
Great now Iím stuck here on the ice!
And my coatís fucking gone (itís gone, itís gone, itís gone)
Fucking dammit, I just froze to death
— A Nancy Drew filk note 

Skippy sank in lava, Corwin turned to slime,
They could both see what was coming but they couldn't pray in time.
Pinky fought a soldier ant that crawled out of his backpack
They were all in love with dyin', they were doing it in NetHack.
Bertha swung Mjollnir like a Valkyrie in the rain
Then she lost her mind in Sokoban; a flayer ate her brain.
They were all in love with dyin', usin' every keyboard function,
As they tried to find the Amulet, somewhere in the dungeon.
— First verse of a Nethack filk by Rob Balder

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