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I find it difficult to distinguish the wrestler and the man. All right? Triple H, I'm blinded with hatred and always have been. So whereas I know he's had good matches, I can't bring myself to say it, 'cause he's a cunt.
OSW Review, "Ten Reasons to Love/Hate John Cena"

Not only does Trump have an evil streak in real life, when it comes time to appear on WWE TV as a character, he always comes off as bossy and obnoxious. Vince McMahon has been willing to bleed, pee his pants, and have his head shoved up the anuses of various super-heavyweight wrestlers to put over story lines, but Donald Trump can’t even swallow his pride and let someone talk for five seconds without interrupting them with lame, condescending comebacks like, “You know what, Vince? I doubt that!”

"Career Lows: Oh come on, it's X-Pac do I even need to say it?"
A guide for WWF Raw on the Xbox.

Sir! I feel compelled to stress that we are not booing because of your effective heel work, we are booing because you are simply awful.
Fan sign on WWE RAW, 2 April 2012

When it Reigns, it Bores.
Fan sign on WWE RAW, 1 May 2016. This sign was later edited on WWE's website.