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Quotes: X Meets Y
"Whenever you hear "It's like THING meets OTHER THING!"...what's being described is usually nothing like either thing."
Platypus Comix, "What Powell's Throws Out, Part Two"

"Mad Max on jet skis. Cool huh? Nah, not really."

"Attractive 90s punks struggling for water will be the driving force of the plot, such as it is, which led me to call this movie 'What If Dune starred the cast of Hackers?' And again, I really like Lori Petty, but what you could charitably refer to as Tank Girl's 'irreverent humor' blows past comedy and gets to 'grating' toute de suite."
Chris Sims on Tank Girl

"Tat Wood, in what may be the single most psychologically revealing moment in the whole of About Time, asks 'what other programme would give you a western in a swamp' as if this is some sort of mark of distinction or a reason to like this story, but for those of us who are not Tat Wood the fact remains that this is not a combination that really sells itself to us."
Phil Sandifer on "The Power of Kroll"

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