->'''Winry:''' Hey, you! Don't mess up my automail! You know how hard I worked on that?!\\
'''Edward:''' Hell, if it's half as hard as you throw a wrench, I'd be surprised! For real, you could try acting more like a girl and less like a gearhead.\\
'''Winry:''' You think I'm a gearhead, thatís fine, but you had better get used to it! Cause as long as you're wearing my automail, you're stuck with this gearhead whether you like it or not!

->Give me a circuit board and some [[AppliedPhlebotinum Eezo]] and I'll have this thing making precision jumps.
-->--'''Tali''', ''Franchise/MassEffect''

->'''Scorch:''' All those years of school, to learn 'hit it with a hammer'...\\
'''Chandra''': All those years of school, to learn ''where'' to hit it with a hammer.
-->--''ComicBook/ElfQuest: The Rebels #3''

->'''Roger:''' Was that a woman wearing a toolbelt?\\
'''Doc:''' Yup.\\
'''Roger:''' Why was I not notified?
-->-- ''Webcomic/TheWhiteboard''