Quotes / Wrench Wench

Winry: Hey, you! Don't mess up my automail! You know how hard I worked on that?!
Edward: Hell, if it's half as hard as you throw a wrench, I'd be surprised! For real, you could try acting more like a girl and less like a gearhead.
Winry: You think I'm a gearhead, thatís fine, but you had better get used to it! Cause as long as you're wearing my automail, you're stuck with this gearhead whether you like it or not!

Give me a circuit board and some Eezo and I'll have this thing making precision jumps.
Tali, Mass Effect

Scorch: All those years of school, to learn 'hit it with a hammer'...
Chandra: All those years of school, to learn where to hit it with a hammer.
ElfQuest: The Rebels #3

Roger: Was that a woman wearing a toolbelt?
Doc: Yup.
Roger: Why was I not notified?