Quotes / Wouldn't Hit a Girl

[lifts up Tuffnut, preparing to hit him in anger, freezes] You're the guy, right?
Snoutlout, Dragons: Riders of Berk, "Viking For Hire"

Scott: "I don't hit girls."
Roxie: "You're just a pussy, Pilgrim!"
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Tammy: You wouldn't hit a girl, would ya, Heathcliff?
Heathcliff: Uh, no. No, I...I guess not.
Tammy: Good! 'Cause I LOVE to hit boys!
Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, "Terrible Tammy"

If she had been a man who dared lay hands on him, Erik would have dropped her where she stood. But alas, she was only a woman.

Fooker (in a flashback) My, aren't we pushy! Whatta ya gonna do, sweetheart? Beat me up?
(Switches back to the present)
Nick: You mean you really did beat him up? (Ki grins)
Fooker: It's not fair. Guys should be allowed to hit girls in self-defense.

Men have bled for their women, fought to protect their women, died for their women, and admonished each other for millennia to love their virtuous women as Christ loves the Church, to treat their honorable women as queens and as jewels, to present to them the heads of the men who displease them, and to duel to the death to defend their honor. The literary canon, written primarily by men, has always lauded a masculinity that protects women— the villains identified by their willingness to harm women, and the heroes identified by their willingness to avenge those harms.
— Commenter Karen Straughan, defending men's rights

Bronn: It's against my code to hurt a woman.