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Quotes: Would Hit a Girl
So, it's ladies first, is it? That's fine with me! Now don't expect me to go easy on you! I fight to win!
Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

Leviathan: What kind of man attacks a lady from behind without warning?
Ashura: An equal opportunistic one!

Alphonse: You won't really beat up that girl will you?

Expect no chivalry here, woman!
Garland before fighting Terra, Dissidia: Final Fantasy

She wanna be a man? I'mma treat you like a man!
Bus Driver in this video.

I hate to hit a lady, but I guess I will!
John Marston, depending on how you play as him in Red Dead Redemption

Ms. Manface: You wouldn't hit a lady, would you?
Batman: The hammer of justice is unisex.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Night of the Huntress!"

Female Xilien: You'd hit a woman?
[Colonel Gordon looks back at his fist and opens it.]
Gordon: Yeah.
[breaks the Xilien's Neck with a chop.]
Gordon: Sorry Sweet Heart.

Magpie: Hey! You hit a girl!
Batman: No, I hit a criminal.

[Lois punches Peter in the face]
Peter You-you just hit me?
Lois: [smugly] That's right!
[Peter punches Lois in the face and knocks her down]
Lois: You can't hit me! I'm a girl!
Peter: Sometimes I wonder.

Formerly God Vishnu himself killed Kyathi, the wife of Brignu, who harboured the asuras fleeing his wrath, when she refused to yield them. Mandorai, a woman bent on destroying all the worlds, was vanquished by Indra and he earned the gratitude of humanity. These are but two instances. A woman of demoniac tendencies loses all consideration to be treated as a woman.
Viswamithra, The Ramayana

Ten Of Spades: You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?
Booster Gold: Well, um, you see, it's, um, like this. [BOPP] Where I come from, equality of the sexes is a given, so we can hit anyone.
Ten: Oh...thank you so much...for explaining...
Justice League Vol 2, issue 4

Kristin Gilles: Who the hell are you?!
Methos: A man born long before the age of chivalry.

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