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Quotes: World of Badass
"The ultra-realistic games of recent years have been one long, gritty, depressing grey-a-thon after another, and it’s up to games like Saint's Row 2 to remind us that realism is an acceptable sacrifice if it means I get to throw old ladies into jet turbines."

David: My favorite part of the episode comes with Slade and Hawkman, actually, when Slade is like “Look, when I named this project Icarus, I never expected an actual dude with flaming wings falling from the sky. This is totally awesome. I love life.”
Chris: ...Then, he pulls out a katana OUT OF NOWHERE.
David: You mean, he pulls out a katana because Deathstroke in comics uses swords. Honestly, since when did four-star generals rock swords?
Chris: Since Friday night.
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Icarus")

"And you thought evil German hench-mans on skis was awesome? Oh, are you ready for strobe-light gunfight in the men's room? ...But then Cameron's like, 'I think we need to reign this in a little,' so Arnold gives chase to the motorcycle-riding terrorist on a horse. And when they get to a hotel, you think, 'hey, maybe it'd be faster to, y'know, ditch the horse continue this on foot.' NOPE."

Not standard by Earth standards. This takes place in Vytal. Our standards are different.
Wiki commenter Maki, responding to the argument that Beacon's initiation test was unnecessarily tough

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