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Quotes: World of Badass
"The ultra-realistic games of recent years have been one long, gritty, depressing grey-a-thon after another, and it’s up to games like Saint's Row 2 to remind us that realism is an acceptable sacrifice if it means I get to throw old ladies into jet turbines."

David: My favorite part of the episode comes with Slade and Hawkman, actually, when Slade is like “Look, when I named this project Icarus, I never expected an actual dude with flaming wings falling from the sky. This is totally awesome. I love life.”
Chris: ...Then, he pulls out a katana OUT OF NOWHERE.
David: You mean, he pulls out a katana because Deathstroke in comics uses swords. Honestly, since when did four-star generals rock swords?
Chris: Since Friday night.
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Icarus")

"And you thought evil German hench-mans on skis was awesome? Oh, are you ready for strobe-light gunfight in the men's room? ...But then Cameron's like, 'I think we need to reign this in a little,' so Arnold gives chase to the motorcycle-riding terrorist on a horse. And when they get to a hotel, you think, 'hey, maybe it'd be faster to, y'know, ditch the horse continue this on foot.' NOPE."

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