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Quotes: Word Salad Lyrics
Enemy lasagna
Robust below wax
Semiautomatic aqua
Accompany slacks

"In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey
Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie
With the plastic eyeballs and spraypaint the vegetables..."
Beck, "Loser"

"Normalized the signal and you're banging on freon
Paleolithic eon
Put the fake goatee on"
Soul Coughing, "Sugar Free Jazz"

"Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
Corporation t-shirts, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man, you've been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus, Goo goo ga joob"
The Beatles, "I Am the Walrus"

"Let's see the fuckers figure that one out!"
John Lennon to Paul McCartney after writing the above song

"Interior crocodile alligator
I drive a Chevrolet movie theater"
Chip tha Ripper, "S.L.A.B. Freestyle"

"It is now time to make it unclear
To write off lines that don't make sense"
Nirvana, "On a Plain"

Does it hurt when 'glossolalia coats your skin?' Where can I find a nice new pair of 'unkempt nourishment plows?' What are 'castrating kisses stalactite stems?' I certainly don't know, and neither do the members of Mars Volta who wrote these lyrics.
Dustin Glick, The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006

"Chickity China the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'
Watchin X-Files with no lights on, we're dans la maison
I hope the Smoking Man's in this one
Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic
Like Sting I'm Tantric
Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy
Like Kurosawa I make mad films
Okay I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai
Gonna get a set of better clubs
Gonna find the kind with tiny nubs just so my
irons aren't always flying off the back-swing
Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes
that make me think the wrong thing"
Barenaked Ladies, "One Week"

"I must have played this song like 3000 times in concert. And after all this time, I still have no idea what the fuck it's about."
-Peter Buck talking about the song "Orange Crush"

Bernie Taupin has the ability to use allegory and irony in his lyrics to express profound truths about the human condition ... He also has the ability to write lyrics that make no fucking sense at all...

"We pretty much write these songs and let other people figure them out."

"Now they're trying to come up with meanings for Beatles songs. I never understood what any of them were about, myself..."

Did you just what?
Is what you yes?
Did you whatever, whatever you I guess?
The stalking horse Was hides the guy
And which the pony is a phony was a lie..."
they might be giants, "stuff is way"

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