Quotes / Word of Dante

"Now you're wondering: if Soul Reaver's ending was completely changed, how do you know so much about the originally-planned conclusion? Because most of the sound files from the deleted scenes are still in the damn game. [Kim] Hennig claims that this stuff was kept in the code because removing it would have caused glitches and problems throughout the rest of the game. I know next to nothing about programming — but it doesn't seem to me that yanking a couple of .avi files that have no on-switches anywhere would destablize the whole program. But the bosses at Eidos probably didn't know much about programming games either. Maybe when Hennig told them she could remove all the unused audio files if they gave her another month or two to debug the game, they told her keep the sound files where they were and release Soul Reaver according to schedule. I like to think these buried audio files were deliberately included by a defiant Hennig: Eidos forced her to change her story, so she left a record of how it was supposed to be for Soul Reaver's hardcore fans to discover."
Pat R. on Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver