Quotes / Woolseyism

"Son of a submariner!"
Kefka, Final Fantasy VI
"Our goal, then, was to sand the most arbitrarily Japanese edges off of Thors (since Erebonia is pretty decidedly not Japanese) – the senpais and the kohais; the constant ganbattes – and coax forth the universality of the experience of school. There’s still bowing at the end of homeroom, and there might be a mysterious transfer student somewhere in there, but to make it feel natural was our goal, and one that I think we’ve executed quite well. But, again, you’ll be able to decide for yourselves soon enough. I might come off as critical here, but I think thoughtful criticism is instrumental in helping to improve things. If we, as editors, took the script we were given, just made sure all the periods and commas were in the right places, and sent it off, I’m not sure you’d like the game you wound up with. The very act of editing itself is a statement of, “Yes, we can improve this. We can make it so that people will enjoy it more than they would in the state it’s in right now." "