Quotes / Wondrous Ladies Room

Hey, this is just a men's room with no urinals. So much for the mystique of the Forbidden Room.

This is a momentous day. We're about to solve one of the mysteries of mankind. What happens in the ladies' toilets?
Lee Phillips, KateModern, "The Hen Night".

"Your average men's shithouse is a fucking sewer. You look at ladies' johns, you could eat maple walnut ice cream outta the toilets."
Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gaultieri, The Sopranos

Oh shit! So this is what it looks like, this is great! Hey, wait a minute, wait-wait-wait-wait, you've got doors on the stalls, they're not stuck! Wait a minute, we don't have none of this stuff in the boys-wait a minute we don't got none of this, we don't got doors on the stalls in the boys room, we don't have (what is this, what) we don't have a candy machine in the boys room!note  We don't got none of that, none of that. I'm sorry, no I want the principal here, I want him here this instant, I want [him] now. This instant. I'll wait. Thank you.
—Ducky, Pretty in Pink

Gabe: Yeah. I mean, it's that, or put one in the women's bathroom. I really want to know what they do in there.
Tycho: They pee.
Penny Arcade, "Imagine The Possibilities"