Quotes / Wonder Woman (2011 pilot)

Linkara: I'll start from the comic book fan's perspective. This was heartbreaking. Where Justice League of America made its characters into jokes, this thing turned Wonder Woman into a complete monster. She flaunts the law, she threatens, extorts, tortures, and outright kills. When Alan Moore did this with superheroes, it was commentary on the medium. When this show does it, it's because it can't think of anything better to do!
Film Brain: From a film perspective, it's rubbish. Adrianne Palicki is meant to convey an everywoman, but instead she gives us a psychotic nightmare of a protagonist that no one but the most twisted of audience members can relate to. The villain is hardly villainous, or even much beyond distasteful, and the pacing is about as even as a movie executive's balance sheet.
Nash: And just from a human perspective, this show tries to push the idea that breaking the law and violating basic humans rights is perfectly justifiable if you're the good guy, without giving us much grounds to believe Wonder Woman is the good guy. It's so blatantly trying to push this message that I'd call it clumsy, except that would mean they were trying to hide it.

Chuck: (imitating a little girl) And my superhero is a tall woman with big boobies and lots of money and when she goes to work she says, "Hey, y'all do it my way" and everybody has to do just what she said because she is the boss lady and she beats up bad guys and everyone loves her and if the bad guys try to stop her she just kills them and then everyone says "Yay!" and also she's a princess. And that's what I'm gonna be when I grow up.