Quotes / With Great Power Comes Great Insanity

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton

"I have both held and beheld unlimited power and of it I know but one thing. It drives men mad."

"Is sanity the price to pay... for power?"
Dante, Devil May Cry 4

"Sanity... is for the weak!"
Followers of Chaos, Warhammer 40,000

"Hey, Clark, if anything can turn a law-abiding citizen into a card carrying serial-killer, it's Kryptonite."
Chloe, Smallville

"Power corrupts. Absolute power is even more fun!."
Simon Travaglia, Bastard Operator from Hell

"Sense is for the weak!"
Midbus, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story note 

"Finally, everyone was working together."
Khepri, Worm

Check out Dexter Douglas
Nerd computer ace
Went surfing on the internet
And was zapped to cyberspace
He turned into the Freakazoid
He's strong and super-quick
He drives the villains crazy
'Cause he's a lunatic!
Freakazoid! theme song

"The [presidential] chair is accursed! Any good men that sit on it become evil."
Emiliano Zapata note 

"Hear now the words of my ruling.

I am not blind to the needs of the Imperium, but nor am I blind to the realities of the hearts of men. I hear men speak of knowledge and power as though they are abstract concepts to be employed as simply as a sword or gun. They are not. Power is a living force, and the danger with power is obsession. A man who attains a measure of power will find it comes to dominate his life until all he can think of is the acquisition of more. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but few can stand the ultimate test of character, that of wielding power without succumbing to its darker temptations.

Peering into the darkness to gain knowledge of the Warp is fraught with peril, for it is an inconstant place of shifting reality, capricious lies and untruths. The seeker after truth must have a care he is not deceived, for false knowledge is far more dangerous than ignorance. All men wish to possess knowledge, but few are willing to pay the price. Always men will seek to take the short cut, the quick route to power, and it is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that will lure him to evil ways. True knowledge is gained only after the acquisition of wisdom. Without wisdom, a powerful person does not become more powerful, he becomes reckless. His power will turn on him and eventually destroy all he has built.

I have walked paths no man can know and faced the unnameable creatures of the Warp. I understand all too well the secrets and dangers that lurk in its hidden darkness. Such things are not for lesser minds to know; no matter how powerful or knowledgeable they believe themselves to be. The secrets I have shared serve as warnings, not enticements to explore further. Only death and damnation await those who pry too deeply into secrets not meant for mortals.

I see now I have allowed my sons to delve too profoundly into matters I should never have permitted them to know even existed. Let it be known that no one shall suffer censure, for this conclave is to serve Unity, not discord. But no more shall the threat of sorcery be allowed to taint the warriors of the Astartes. Henceforth, it is my will that no Legion will maintain a Librarius department. All its warriors and instructors must be returned to the battle companies and never again employ any psychic powers.

Woe betide he who ignores my warning or breaks faith with me. He shall be my enemy, and I will visit such destruction upon him and all his followers that, until the end of all things, he shall rue the day he turned from my light."

Mirror T'Pol: You heard the captain. He's delusional!
Mirror Phlox: It's not a delusion if the captain has the power to do what he says. And from what I've seen he certainly does.

"Sanity? I never had such a useless thing in the first place!"
Zaraki Kenpachi, Bleach

"Why do you have to look up to her?
Aside from in a literal sense
Don't you know that a power that big
Comes with a bigger expense?"
Pearl, "Strong in the Real Way,", Steven Universe,

Armin Zola: Schmidt believes he walks in the footsteps of the gods. Only the world itself will satisfy him.
Col. Phillips: You do realize that's nuts, don't you?
Armin Zola: The sanity of the plan is of no consequence.
Col. Phillips: And why is that?
Armin Zola: Because he can do it!

(after a whole song of Badass Boasts)
Power gets to your head,
I know 'cuz it's changing mine!
Jt Machinima Want it all

Witches didnít fear much, Miss Tick had said, but what the powerful ones were afraid of, even if they didnít talk about it, was what they called Ďgoing to the badí. It was too easy to slip into careless little cruelties because you had power and other people hadnít, too easy to think other people didnít matter much, too easy to think that ideas like right and wrong didnít apply to you. At the end of that road was you dribbling and cackling to yourself all alone in a gingerbread house, growing warts on your nose.