Quotes / Wire Dilemma

Disarm the bomb, dismantle it, that's what I'm gonna do,
If you cut the red then I'm gonna cut the blue,
Just three seconds left until it spells our doom,
Make a little oopsie, and we all go BOOM!
—Ropponmatsu #2, Excel Saga

"It should be simple, all you have to do is cut the red one."
"They're both purple."

"The blue wire! It's always the blue wire!"

"Red or green, red or green, which do I cut?!"
"Come on, they're only peppers! How long is this salad supposed to take?"
Unlikely Lines From A Thriller, Mock the Week

"Oh, heavens, no. Not the green one, anything but the green one."
*Protagonist cuts green wire*
"I asked you not to do that!"
Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

Ein: "So how do I disarm zis sing?"
Zwei: "I told you, just clip the red wire. Or was it the blue one? *beat* Ach, hold on while I go get the manual!''
Ein: "Never mind, they all look gray to me anyway.
*huge explosion*
Two Nazis trying to disarm a bomb, Return to Castle Wolfenstein

"What do you mean "cut the blue wire?" THEY'RE ALL BLUE WIRES!"
Meg Griffin, Family Guy