Quotes / Wife Husbandry

Judge Turpin: If I were to think you encouraged this young rogue...
Johanna: I? A maid trained from the cradle to find in modesty and obedience the greatest of all virtues? Dear father, when have you ceased to warn me of the wickedness of men?
Judge Turpin: Venal young men of the street with only one thought in their heads. But there are men of different and far higher breed. I have one in mind for you.
Johanna: You have?
Judge Turpin: A gentle man, who would shield you from all earthly cares and guide your faltering steps to the sober warmth of womanhood — a husband — a protector — and yet an ardent lover too. It is a man who through all the years has surely earned your affection.
[Judge Turpin drops to his knees. Johanna is horrified.]