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Quotes: Where The Hell Is Springfield?
Hey, I've been here before. I know all the questions, and here are my answers: Springfield's not in any state, I dunno why we're yellow, there'll be another movie as soon as Stephen King needs another idea, and yes, Matt Groening would LOVE to read your screenplay!
Homer at Comic Con

General 1: Springfield? Which one? There must be one Springfield in every state in the Union!
General 2: One? I bet there are some states with two or three!
G.I.Joe, Issue #5

"Yeah, the town of Duckburg was a real strange place. It was on an ocean, it was on a lake, and it was out in the plains and close to tremendous mountains and a black forest and all of that. It had snow in the winter, terrific snows, and all these palm trees and so on. It was really a strange place."

"But all is not well in Whatever-The-Hell-City-This-Is-Ville"
Yahtzee's review of Condemned 2.

Chris: Lana is growing increasingly frustrated with life in Smallville and Brad Wilsonís drunken pick-up lines. So she decides to move to Metropolis.
David: She does this by calling the Smallville Airport. The Smallville Airport. The. Smallville. Airport.
Chris: Pa Kent International has a commuter flight to Metropolis every day at 3.
David: I bet the Smallville Airport is usually actually just Superman flying people in a gondola.
Chris Sims, David Uzumeri, and Matt Wilson on Superman III

"Dallas (again, for those of you who missed the '80s) was the interminable soap opera about a bunch of rich people scheming, manipulating, and sexing each other somewhere in the state of Texas (it's not clear which city)."

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