Quotes: What Does She See in Him?

"I'm failing to see how this relationship came to this point - he clearly can't stand her."

Eddie Valiant: She's married to Roger Rabbit?
Betty Boop: Yeah. What a lucky girl.
Eddie Valiant: Seriously, what do you see in that guy?
Jessica Rabbit: He makes me laugh.

What's he got
That I ain't got?
He's got you
That's what he's got, that's what he's got
The Producers (the band, not the Mel Brooks movie or play)

Kid in class: You're so pretty, Ms. Naru, but why do you have something like that for a boyfriend?
Naru: Wah?!
Keitaro: [looks shocked]

Mia Fey: In my personal opinion, he just looks like a typical snotty-nosed college brat.
Dahlia Hawthorne: Perhaps to a woman your age. But to me, Feenie is handsome!
Mia Fey: Perhaps to you, Ms. Hawthorne. But to the rest of the planet, he's a dime a dozen.

Tsubaki: Captain... Hazama...?
Hazama: In the flesh, Lieutenant... and if you're looking for Major Kisaragi, I think I saw him go thataway.
Tsubaki: R-really?!
Hazama: My, my, Tsubaki! You were looking so dour, but the moment I utter the blessed name, you brighten right up. Not much of a poker player, are you?
Tsubaki: P-pardon me, Captain. Really, it's just-
Hazama: Spare me, woman - I wasn't born yesterday. You even took a demotion from First Lieutenant all so you could manage that transfer into Zero and look for him. What's so special about Jin? Sorry, but I just don't see it.
Slight Hope true ending, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND

I am thinking of booking Miss Nikos in for some kind of brain scan, just in case.
Ozpin's response to Pyrrha choosing to become Jaune's combat partner in RWBY Recaps

"[I]n a comedy, the villain is supposed to be funny, and not a hateful, sadistic, egotistical monster."
Roger Ebert, on Zachary "Sack" Lodge from Wedding Crashers

Hikari:"A while back, Asuka asked me what I saw in you. I told her it was your compassion."

Asuka: 'Jock-Stooge, sharp as a brick as always. I have no idea what you see in him, Hikari.'