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Quotes: We're Still Relevant, Dammit
Nyssa: At least we won't be noticed.
Tegan: What do you mean, because this is a police box?
Nyssa: Well, this is Earth. For once it's a perfect camouflage.
Tegan: This is the 1980s, Nyssa. Police boxes went out with flower power.

"Yes, the product does have to 'change with the times'. Thatís perfectly fine. I get it. Every form of entertainment, be it music or movies or video games or even pro wrestling has to evolve to maintain an audience. Although saying wrestling is Ďevolvingí when WWEís main show has turned into a Gong Show-esque mish mash of bad guest hosts and even worse skits seems to be a bit misleading."
Wrestlecrap, "2009 Gooker Award"

"It being an odd-numbered episode, itís time for the show to revamp itself once again, with characteristic subtlety. Now weíre in a big metaphor about the financial crash."
Phil Sandifer on Torchwood: Miracle Day

"If you want to prove Superman is still relevant, all you have to do is tell good Superman stories. Jumping up and down and screaming 'HEY, IíM STILL RELEVANT!' is the quickest way to lose the argument that nobody was asking you to have, and itís even worse when youíre doing it by having a character beat up a parody of characters that were themselves already a parody. Itís 22 pages of DCís inferiority complex about Superman, literalized into a story that features Joe Kelly trying to do a written impression of Warren Ellis".
Chris Sims on Whatís So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way? (2001)

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