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Web Original

"You might recall that in Thunderball, Bond and Emilio Largo faced off in a game of baccarat. This is the Never Say Never Again equivalent, and it’s a bit different, to say the least. Obviously, the baccarat had to go, because nobody under the age of 80 knows what that is. But as for what they replaced it with, well..."

"As in Skyfall, the “double-oh” programme finds itself under siege. This time, creepy government stooge Max Denbigh is plotting to replace all those agents in the field with drone strikes and surveillance culture. It is a plot beat that feels a little worn at this point. The James Bond franchise already contemplated its own relevance in films like GoldenEye, Casino Royale and Skyfall. Given the success of Skyfall, it seems a bit trite to return to theis Bond outdated?well quite so soon."

"NBC was planning a Say Anything... TV show until Cameron Crowe echoed the world’s thoughts by screaming, 'NOOOOOOOO.' Thank God NBC cares what Cameron Crowe thinks, because we really don’t need to see Lloyd and Diane’s son blast a cover of 'In Your Eyes' by 5SOS from a Jawbone while standing outside of his girlfriend’s townhouse."

"Yes, the product does have to 'change with the times'. That’s perfectly fine. I get it. Every form of entertainment, be it music or movies or video games or even pro wrestling has to evolve to maintain an audience. Although saying wrestling is ‘evolving’ when WWE’s main show has turned into a Gong Show-esque mish mash of bad guest hosts and even worse kits seems to be a bit misleading."

"A time traveling mobile phone with boundless signal through time and space — can you imagine a better way to dazzle the youth of today?"

"It being an odd-numbered episode, it’s time for the show to revamp itself once again, with characteristic subtlety. Now we’re in a big metaphor about the financial crash."
Phil Sandifer on Torchwood: Miracle Day

"What’s Dick Tracy doing on this fine Saturday? Oh, you know, just making some chili with extra cumin and singing Chumbawamba, like you do."

"Look up in the sky, it's Super...Tokyo Drift guy."
Julian Finn on Smallville

"If you want to prove Superman is still relevant, all you have to do is tell good Superman stories. Jumping up and down and screaming 'HEY, I’M STILL RELEVANT!' is the quickest way to lose the argument that nobody was asking you to have, and it’s even worse when you’re doing it by having a character beat up a parody of characters that were themselves already a parody."
Chris Sims on What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way? (2001)

"So, now we have a 20th century Cenobite, a people consumed with technology. If these Cenobites existed now they'd all have iPhones sticking out of their heads."

"February 18, 2031: Bil Keane works in a "gettin' jiggy wit' it" caption to demonstrate that he's tuned in to pop culture."

Real Life

"Sinatra had, or at least appeared to have, a firm sense of self and maintained it during the good times and the bad and from decade to decade. If one liked him, great. If not, too bad. Sammy, on the other hand, was desperate to please everyone, to be loved by everyone, and to be in the forefront of whatever was in vogue at any given moment. If Frank was a rock, Sammy was a chameleon."
Gary Fishgall on Sammy Davis, Jr., Gonna Do Great Things

"A lot of Comic strips that are 'with it' are better off without it"
Dik Browne from "Backstage at the Strips"