Quotes: Weakness Turns Her On

"That whole pathetic, no self-esteem thing you have going on right now, I'm really vibing that. That's why I sleep with fat guys."
Denise, Scrubs

Soren: No matter if you're good, or bad, or how well you shook paws or *sniff* played fetch.
Katie: Is it awful that I'm, like, totally turned on right now?

Grem: Something's wrong with Fox. I have to get back over there.
K'Seliss: That's not a battle cry, that's a whiny, overreaction cry. You're a moron.
Grem: I'm a moron because I want to help Fox?!
K'Seliss: That's EXACTLY why you're a moron. You're a protector, I get it, but so is Fox. She doesn't want a male to protect her, she wants a male that SHE can protect.