Quotes: We All Live in America

Guerrera, real name Anibal Gonzalez, was the son of famous Mexican wrestler Fuerza Guerrera. In Mexico, the pro wrestler's mask (a symbolic take-off of the masks worn hundreds of years earlier in Aztec rituals) is considered almost sacred, and to lose it is normally a very big deal. The biggest superstar in the history of the culture, El Santo, never unmasked after he took on that persona, and he was even buried with it on...WCW, however, didn't care about all that tradition stuff. After all, this was the United States of America, where wrestlers did not hide their faces. Guerrera, Bischoff explained again, just wasn't marketable with the mask on. When Guerrera was first approached about losing his mask, he—along with his father and all the other luchadors—was appalled by the suggestion.
R. D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez, The Death of WCW