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Quotes: We All Live in America
"We're all living in America,
Coca-Cola, Wonderbra
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika"
Rammstein, "Amerika"

"Psychic spies from China
Try to steal your mind's elation
Little girls from Sweden
Dream of silver screen quotations
And if you want these kind of dreams
It's Californication"
Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication"

Bandit Keith: What do you mean you guys don't like Armageddon?!
Sid: Actually, boss, we don't like Michael Bay movies in general.
Bandit Keith: Oh, that does it! Mess with Michael Bay and you mess with America! I want you guys out of my country by tomorrow morning!
Zombie Boy: Brains....note 
Bandit Keith: Every country in the world belongs to America!
Sid: Then 'ow the bloody hell are we supposed to leave?!
Bandit Keith: [beat] I don't know.

Soldier: But I DID infiltrate the robots! Come on, guys! Why would I lie? We're all Americans here!
Miss Pauling: Well, not all of us, obviously. I mean Medic's German and Heavy's from Russ-
Medic glances off to the side and coughs, Heavy frowns and nudges Miss Pauling.
Miss Pauling: OW! What? [Beat.] Oh.
Heavy leans in, flashing a cheesy grin, and gives Soldier two thumbs up.
Heavy: Ha ha! Germany! Russia! Is big joke! Big American joke on Soldier!
Soldier claps his hand on Heavy's shoulder.
Soldier: Ha! You got me!
Heavy: Ohh, America. It is the place I am from. All the time.
—> — Team Fortress 2, Shadow Boxers

When Jericho has the Millennium Eve scheduling explained for him, including the requirement that the Prince of Darkness do his dirty deed precisely before 11 a.m. and midnight, he asks the very same question I was asking myself: "Eastern standard time?"

"Ah. You need to make these things clear to us Europeans. The internet is more than the US"
"No it's not, damn you. Get off my internet. Bob Gore or something invented it or something!"

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