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Quotes: Wasteful Wishing
Things Mr. Welch is No Longer Allowed to Wish For in an RPG:
227. My last wish cannot be "I wish we were playing another game."
257. I cannot wish nobody else gets wishes.
568. My first wish cannot be "I wish you grant all my wishes to the spirit and letter of the wish'.
569. All 3 of my wishes cannot involve Alpacas.
653. Cannot wish for the party to have common sense. Even the wish spell has its limits.
744. My second wish can't be for a new, more open minded genie to grant my remaining wishes.
745. Can't wish I was the GM.
981. My last wish cannot be for Ragnarok.
1130. I cannot wish we were playing the previous edition of the game.
1153. I can't wish to change my vote on what module we're playing.
1242. I can't wish that somebody competent wrote this module.
1502. My first wish can't be to invalidate the previous character's last wish.
1516. I will not wish we were still playing Torg.
1553. I can't wish my girlfriend was hot like you.
1658. The words "Rock Opera" will not appear in any of my wishes.

Mud Eel: Now you may each receive your wish for real. But be warned: There are no do-overs!
Finn: Okay. So you guys should wish to get your buddies back, right?
Hot Dog Knight 1: I wish for a box!
(A box appears.)
Hot Dog Knight 1: Sweet!
Hot Dog Knight 2: I wish to blow up! I mean, like, get big.
(Hot Dog Knight 2 explodes.)
Finn: Wow, you guys are really stupid.
Adventure Time, "The Limit"

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