Quotes / Walking Techbane

Roger: Jason, how do I view it?
Jason: Go to your e-mail.
Documents folder erased.
Jason: Scroll down to the one labeled "to Dad".
Music folder erased.
Jason: Now click on that.
Photos folder erased.
Jason: There should be a link. Click on it.
Hard drive reformat commencing.
Roger: I think I did something wrong.
Jason: Clearly, sending Dad an e-card for Father's Day was a mistake.

"I can kill a copier at thirty paces."

"You are Destructicon, bringer of entropy and ruination! No touching anything ever!"
Eastwood, Exterminatus Now

Ellen: Let me tell you something. I've been repairing computers since I was twelve. And, although computer science is supposed to be a really logical, hard science kind of thing... I swear to you, I've come to believe in the existence of gremlins.
Ellen: I've seen hundreds - literally hundreds - of cases where someone who's "not good with computers" does something, it causes an error, and I do the same thing and... it doesn't. Or they bring in a box and as soon as I plug it in, the glitch mysteriously vanishes.
Jamie: So you're telling me that my laptop is infested with gremlins?
Ellen: Oh, gremlins don't infest boxes. They infest people.

"I didn't lose my phone charger. It ran away. I literally repel technology."
Renee, Twilight

"Machines and I don't get along."
Astoria Carlton-Ritz, The Transformers