Quotes / Walk the Plank

"Yo ho, yo ho, the frisky plank,
You walks along it so,
Till it goes down and you goes down
To Davy Jones below!"
Captain Hook, Peter Pan

"Be aware, what lies beneath
Razor sharp and pointy teeth
Walk the Plank!
With your life, you‘ll pay the price
Walk the Plank!
Boots of lead, your blood runs red
Walk the Plank!
Time to die, your end is nigh
Walk the Plank!
Descend into the black and don‘t come back"

Sly: Making me "walk the plank"? You're the pinnacle of creativity LeFwee.
LeFwee: Not creative! I'm the smartest man of the seven seas, you... you... slanderous scabbard!

"To all our enemies, we'll see you in hell
We're gonna walk 'em off the plank into the wishing well"
The Devil Makes Three, "The Plank"