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Quotes: Waif-Fu
Parley: Here, why don't you an' Jones spar? You know, to show Carver!
James Eglamore: Ah come on. That wouldn't be fair.
Antimony Carver: Because she is a woman?
James Eglamore: Haha! No, because indoors, and at close range, Jones would flatten me.

The layman may be under the impression that the laws of physics would make this impossible, but as top medical scientists have agreed as recently as 1453, little girls are actually made of an alloy comprised of sugar, spice, and high-tensile littlegirlium, a substance capable of storing and unleashing incredible amounts of kinetic energy.
Comics Alliance's Chris Sims, on the "realism" of Hit Girl bisecting grown men with dual-wielded katanas in Kick-Ass.

I think it only fair to warn you that I have studied jiujitsu. You may be big, but I'm small!

"Remember child, this is not the dance of the Westeros we are learning. The knights dance... Hacking! And hammering! This is the Braavos dance, the water dance. It is swift...and sudden."
— Syrio Forel training Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

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