Quotes: Vita Might

"Okay, that's terrifying- OH MY GOD!!!"
-My Inner Monologue upon first meeting the Nemesis.

"Sometimes, I watch Family Guy. Other times, I don't. Either way, I know how to have fun."
-My last birthday.

-After my attention span dwindles during a Mario Party 3 round with my friends. If I remember correctly, the minigame was the 1-on-3 "River Raiders", where the solo player tries to grab more coins and moneybags than the jet-skiing team, while crashing the team into floating logs. (Or vice versa). Humorously, the boat's a giant red Koopa shell, and the jet-skis are normal-sized green Koopa shells.

"We have more time on our hands than we know what to do with! Let's play Mario Party until the police come and arrest Mario again!"
-My friend said this once, just to be funny. I cracked up. It's a reference to the commercial for the first game. In fact, we then played the first game. Luigi's Engine Room, to be exact.

"YEAH! Let's do this!"

"Quote overdosed!"
-My girlfriend's reaction to seeing this page. I told her, "You haven't seen the Youtube Poop Quote page yet!" She said, "No, I haven't." She told me right then and there that that was a joke.

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