Quotes / Visible Silence

Zetta: ...
Alexander: What's with the silent treatment? Ellipses are for chumps—say something!

[on a chatroom]
MaryMcRockshard: See, that's what I love about you, GTCR. Mysteriousness aside, you're so honest. No BS from you. You remind me of my family in that way.
GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Wealthy, and not prone to BS. Sounds like a pretty solid family to be born into.
MaryMcRockshard: Yeah. Like, it's totally out in the open that my parents like my brother more than me.
GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: ...Out of courtesy, I'd like to convey an awkward pause.
Zebra Girl, "Brewing Storms", 2005-10-19 and 2005-10-20

Protagonist: ...
Crazy Fangirl:' Don't you dot dot dot me!

"Michael, I wrote dot, dot, dot and you're giving me dot, dot."
Harold Pinter, to actor Michael Hordern during rehearsals

Makoto: ...
Lion: What's with the dot dot dot?