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Quotes: Violence Really Is the Answer
We're outta options. Let's just beat it outta him!
Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Dammit! It's the same story every time: you give people the benefit of the doubt, and they try to kill you.
Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind

I really wasn't expecting to use up my ammo this quick, but what can I say? This gun keeps solving my problems for me.
Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind

I was thinking I'd try violence.
Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Killed by Death"

"Parallel to Watchmen was Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, a comic whose fame rests largely on the fact that it has most of the sex and violence of Watchmen wedded to the moral sensibilities of Dirty Harry. In fact, it basically is just a Batman comic where Batman is Dirty Harry. There are persistent rumors that there were occasional plans to adapt the comic to film with Clint Eastwood playing the role of Batman...Whether it is Dirty Harry, Rorschach, or Batman, the badass is always conservative, in the sense of conservation — the sense of maintaining what is, and what was. The badass is the enemy of futurity."

Men behind Richard hit the line of evil's guardians with unrestrained violence. People armed only with their hatred for moral clarity fell bloodied, terribly injured, and dead. The line of people collapsed before the merciless charge. Some of the people, screaming their contempt, used their fists to attack Richard's men. They were met with swift and deadly steel.
— Excerpt from Naked Empire.

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