Quotes / Villains Never Lie

"They used to call the devil the father of lies. But for someone whose sin is meant to be pride, you'd think that lying would leave something of a sour taste. So my theory is that when the devil wants to get something out of you, he doesn't lie at all. He tells you the exact, literal truth. And he lets you find your own way to hell."
David Easterman, Lucifer #10, "Children and Monsters"

"I'm a man of my word."

But ítis strange;
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray's
In deepest consequence—
Banquo, Macbeth

"Do you know what a Dalek is, Van Statten? A Dalek is honest. It does what it was born to do for the survival of its species. That creature in your dungeon is better than you."
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Dalek"

Deception is only necessary for those like you to achieve their objectives.
I play with my cards face up.
Isn't it funny how during our various matches, I can tell you what my moves will be in advance, and still win?
Doc Scratch, Homestuck

Antimony: Are you going to tell me not to believe his lies?
Ms. Jones: Coyote is no liar. Therein lies the danger.

"Lie? Me? Never. The truth is much more fun."
Captain Hook, Hook

"And when at last the police came by,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
And when at last the police came by,
Her little pranks she did not deny.
To do so she would have had to lie,
And lying, she knew, was a sin, a sin,
Lying, she knew, was a sin."
Tom Lehrer, "The Irish Ballad", Songs by Tom Lehrer

"Human. We Ur-Quan never lie. NEVER! It is a weakness to lie and, as you have noticed, the Ur-Quan are not weak!"
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Star Control II

"I am many things, Templar, but I am no liar. With all the secrets I have learned over the centuries, the truth is far more entertaining. For example, would you like to hear of the true origin of your order?""
Zoltun Kulle, Diablo III

Cash Bailey: You know me. I keep my promises.
Jack Benteen: Oh hell, I always knew that, Cash. Problem with you is getting one out of you.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't lie. I don't need to.
Lucifer, Supernatural, "Sympathy For The Devil"

I might not have told you the entire truth...but I never lied. I never lied, Dean. That's important.
Crowley, Supernatural, "Do You Believe In Miracles?"

Who am I, Chuck? That's not a mystery. The buzzing cacophony is the mystery. I play it straight with you. Haven't I always played straight, Chuck? The zipper on my meat is down. There are no airs. I'm as naked as I can be, Chuck.
The Black Signal, The Secret World

Dayna: But Servalan told us he was dead.
Avon: And you believed her?
Dayna: Well, she had no reason to lie.
Avon: She doesn't need one. It comes quite naturally to her, like breathing.
Blake's 7, "Blake"