Quotes: Villain Protagonist

Trestkon: Still though, I'm clearly the protagonist of this show. You're... a supporting act, at best.
Slicer: You're obviously the villain, Trestkon! Protagonists do not sell their soul to evil corporations!
The Nameless Mod, just before the Boss Battle versus Slicer.

Thief: If we already had a real faerie, why would we tear off its wings only to glue them on a baby that we'd have to steal?
Black Mage: To inflict the most harm in the least time, duh.

"You wanna hear something funny? Right now, they're all rooting for me."

Remember, I'm the hero.
Famous Last Words of hitman Cleve in Best Seller (1987)

"HBO has proven that we will follow for years and years some pretty reprehensible characters as long as they're fascinating."

"The world will never understand harmony without knowing chaos,
Mankind will never know peace without knowing fear,
This is chaos.
This is fear.
Nothing can prepare you for Pale Blue.
This is the other side of the superhero story we've come to know.
A story about the one who choose to stay in the dark side.
And live as an enemy of mankind.
To create our own ideal global utopia.
And together we'll bring to this world,
The beginning, of the end".