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Quotes: Video Game Movies Suck
"The answer really is simple: What is the best video game movie? It hasn't been made yet. It's just very simple. There's movies that get close; I don't want to kill myself after watching it, but there's no good, definitive, "that was a video game movie done right"."
Joshua Ovenshire, Best & Worst Video Game Movies

"In a world, where video games to film adaptations suck ass, this movie will totally fall beyond your expectations. And then some more. Street Fighter, the Legend Of Chun Li!"

Hollywood doesn't make good video game movies for the same reason General Motors doesn't make motorized unicycles: they're stupid ideas, there's very little money in it and they aren't very good at making their regular product to begin with. They're not adapting the license to tell the epic story on the cinematic field of wonder—they're doing it because they are literally out of ideas.

Rule number one in making a movie about Street Fighter is to take the characters and have them fight. Rule number two shouldn't have to exist, but if it did, it would be filling the time between fights with musical training montages or musical montages of shorter fights. Ignoring these simple rules I just invented ten years after they made it, Street Fighter was so desperate to keep a fight from breaking out they went so far as to turn Dhalsim into a lab technician and Chun Li, E. Honda, and Balrog into telejournalists.

After watching this, in mounting aghastment, I've now realized why it's so bad. It's because it's good. Unfortunately, what it's good at is being a movie of a computer game. If you've played your way through the TR games you'll realize that. The atmosphere of the locations, the way Lara runs and fires, the traps ... someone sat through all the games, taking notes. It's truer to the feel of the games than most novel-based movies are to the original novel. Time and care was spent on that. Then, since the games have no characterization, or any plot much above the level of "get all the bits", they pasted together an inconsistent load of old garbage in twenty minutes and hoped the SFX would carry it. They don't.

They tried to apply characters and a plot to this? It's DOOM! People play DOOM to get away from talking. We only liked it because it was all about blowing stuff up REAL GOOD. The game was made during an era when people didn't care a kangaroo's nipple about plots in a first-person shooter. In fact, at the first sign of plot or text screens, our left hands would jerk spasmodically to the ESC key SO WE COULD GET BACK TO THE SHOOTING.

"Quick! Change the channel!"
Zangief, Street Fighter

"Folks, why is it that movies based on video games always seem to suck monkey tits?"

"Nintendo games rock. Movies based on Nintendo games blow. Therefore, movies about Nintendo games blow rocks!

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