Quotes / Victory Is Boring

''"The only real surprise was that the Oscar messes didnít find a way to nominate Meryl Streep for something. I expected to hear the words, ďAnd for Best Actress, the nominees are Meryl Streep for um, err, being Meryl Streep.Ē I guess Meryl Streep has this year off and is letting the lessers have their little fun.
Michael K., "The Oscar Nominations Really Brought The Surprises This Year!!!!!!! (And I mean the direct opposite of that)"

"So honor the valiant who die 'neath your sword
But pity the warrior who slays all his foes
The Fall of Kang, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ("Second Sight")

When we finally caught you, I was expecting you'd put up more of a fight. Oh well...victory is boring.

I had a vision of a world without Batman. The mob ground out a little profit and the police tried to shut them down, one block at a time. And it was so... boring.

This is what I envisioned, but not what I truly wanted. I feel as if I am a child on Christmas morning. All of the presents have been opened and now I feel only disappointment that the excitement is over and done. Don't you see Lucius, for one such as I, it is not the crown or the glory of victory, but the blood and the battle. I am not like you, I cannot find satisfaction in being king.

May all your dreams but one come true, for what is life without dreams?
David Gemmell

Link: Gee, it sure is boring around here!
King: Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!

We seek rest in a struggle against some obstacles. And when we have overcome these, rest proves unbearable because of the boredom it produces.
— Blaise Pascal, Pensées

This was all fun and games, but even I was growing tired at how easy it was to have the great detective L in the palm of my hand. Seeing him powerless to stop me was a thrill; but like all thrills, it was losing its edge. Even having his name, the name I wanted so badly to know—was all nothing now that I knew it. I felt like it was game over. It was the same thing as beating the final boss in a video game and seeing the end cut scenes. It was not satisfying once the task was actually completed. Was the hunt truly over? I wanted to win, but did it have to be so quickly? I was hoping to play a tad longer.

I WIN!!! [beat] I always win...
General Zod, Superman II

"Floki! Why don't you ask King Sweyn a question for me? Ask him if it's so fun always being the winner!"
Thorkell the Tall, Vinland Saga

This resistance was pitiful. Oh well. Not every battle can be one worth retelling.
Ganondorf, Hyrule Warriors

We will have so much winning if I get elected, you may get bored with winning!

Hobbes: The thrill of the chase is so diminished when one's prey has little legs.
Calvin: (angrily) OH, I'M REAL SORRY!

The world is mine. So I say to all prisoners... Rise! Come out! Kill your wardens. Make slaves of your guards. Teach them the meaning of despair! We have no more prisons, no police, no Regime left to fight... No one left to fight... Any worthy opponent has already... fallen. Dios mío. Perhaps victory can be a prison. A possibility I never imagined...
Bane Arcade Ending, Injustice 2

I'm so thrilled to finally be failing.
Barenaked Ladies, "Falling For the First Time"

Having overwhelming strength is pretty boring.
Saitama, One-Punch Man