Quotes / Vandal Savage

Chloe Sullivan: I came here for help, not to be cut open by some Jack the Ripper wannabe!
Curtis Knox, M.D.: I was Jack the Ripper.
Smallville, "Cure" (Knox being an Expy of Vandal Savage)

Martian Manhunter: You age gracefully.
Savage: You have no idea.
Justice League, "The Savage Time"

With our railgun in orbit, Kasnia has the ultimate high ground. I am now the dominant military power on Earth. And there are going to be some changes. (picks up a list) Item One...
Justice League, "Maid of Honor"

I'll squeeze your heart like a grapefruit!
The Flash, Vol. 2, #2, to the Flash

Only a madman would hitch a ride home inside a comet. Fortunately, I stopped heeding others' definitions of sanity millennia ago.
JSA Classified, Vol. 1, #10

Time is something I have plenty of.
Superman: Man of Steel, Vol. 1, #1000000

I am not adverse to the taste of human flesh, sir.

Superman: How did you get here?
Vandal: The old-fashioned way; I'm immortal.
Justice League, "Hereafter"

Ray: So you traded my life — that's "saving" me?!
Vandal: I've traded nothing, Ray. Power down and I'll prove it.
Ray: If I do that, I'll die.
Vandal: In which case my theory would be proven incorrect.
Ray: Well now, can't let that happen. I don't trust you, Savage.
Vandal: I think you do. And that is your greatest fear. Your death accomplishes nothing. It would be a waste of resources. Ray — this is not a trick.
Ray, reluctantly, powers down and is totally fine.
Vandal: You don't look dead.
The Ray, Vol. 2, #16

Excellent! I haven't eaten one of these in centuries!
— Vandal meets a dragon, Demon Knights

Calculator: Charming, isn't he.
Luthor: Hmm. Recent archaeological evidence suggests he may have actually invented cannibalism.
Calculator: Heh. Good one.
Luthor: 'Good one' what?
Capucine: This is Dr. Alec Holland. Alec, meet Vandal Savage. A strange impossible man who should not exist, who often does terrible things, and who cannot be trusted. My friend.
Vandal Savage: Accurate in every respect. Pleased to know you, Holland.
Swamp Thing #30 (2011 series)