Quotes / Use Your Head

"Oh, I haven't got the brains for argument, but I don't need them as long as my head is harder than his viscera!"
Cindy Lou, Kiss the Boys Good-Bye

"I shall break out of this cell using the hardest substance known to Mankind! MY HEAD!"
Kremmen of the Star Corps

"Alright! Not bad, kid! Not exactly what I had in mind, but not bad."
Phil, Hercules, in regards to Herc being Literal-Minded.

A long blade slammed through right shoulder while another one skittered across her torso armour, looking for a gap to plunge in and begin ripping out her Evas guts. Asuka held off its other hands while it snapped at her face, drool flying off its shiny, metallic razor sharp teeth to splatter across Unit 02s helmet.
Asuka head butted it.