Quotes / Unwanted Revival


Stockman: I-I don't understand. What's happened? What have you done to me?
Bishop: I had your brain recovered from the bottom of New York's East River after your misguided sabbatical. While I could do without your personality, I do need your brain. The outbreak is getting worse by the minute, and I expect you to use that powerful mind of yours to clean it up.
Stockman: I-I... I can't believe... I can't believe you brought me back like this. Why? Why?! [collapses] Why couldn't you let me finally rest in peace?! WHHHHYYYYY?!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting"

"I'm back! Wait, I'm back!? Dammit."
General Knoxx-Trap, Borderlands

"And in that moment, I had never hated anything as fiercely as I did her."
Shirou regarding the woman who resurrected him, The Hill of Swords

"I... what did you do... what did you do??? WHAT DID YOU DO??????"
Jadesprite, Homestuck

"You will learn to earn death."

"I don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don't want to live my life again."

Tex: Hey, I didn't ask to come back. Apparently somebody decided they couldn't live without me.
Church: I thought you would be happy, you know, being alive is typically better than being dead.
Tex: Yeah. Everybody always seems to know what's best for Tex.
Red vs. Blue: Revelation

"What exactly do you think you're doing? [...] Young man, I am dead. I was killed in what, for me at least, were fairly unpleasant circumstances. It hurt. It was deeply upsetting and painful. However, it happened. I am dead. If you bring me back to life, my death will have no meaning... I lived a good life, and it ended. Would you take that away from me?"
- Fiddler's Green, The Sandman

"Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that [Kraven] shot himself in the head? How do you know he wanted to come back?"
Chameleon, Spider-Man

"You think you're my saviour. My — my brother, the hero; you swoop in and, even when you mess up, you think what you're doing is worth it because you've convinced yourself you're doing more than good than bad. But you're not. I mean, Kevin's dead, Crowley's in the wind, we're no closer to beating this angel thing. Please tell me, what is the "upside" of me being alive?"
Sam, Supernatural

Yoketron: Prowl... what have you done?
Prowl: I brought you back!
Yoketron: You must not sacrifice a piece of the future to bring back the past. Someday... when your time comes... you will understand.
Transformers Animated, "Five Servos of Doom"

Arthas: I salute your bravery, elf... but the chase is over.
Sylvanas Windrunner: Then I'll make my stand here, butcher. Anar'alah bellore!
[she falls]
Sylvanas: Finish it! I deserve... a clean death...
Arthas: After all you've put me through, woman, the last thing I'll give you is the peace of death.
Sylvanas: No! You wouldn't dare— [screams and rises as a banshee]
Warcraft III