!!!On works
->'''Chris:''' I guess the Turtles or April talked about him while they were down on the farm, but I feel cheated that this movie robbed me of Casey delivering a goggle-eyed "Your sensei's ''a giant rat?!''"\\
'''Matt''': There is a pretty funny moment where Elias Koteas looks at this talking rat, takes a second to understand what hes seeing, then just accepts it and saves him.\\
'''Chris:''' I stand corrected; that ''is'' pretty great.
-->-- '''Chris Sims''' and '''Matt Wilson''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/comicsalliance-reviews-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-1990-pa// on]] ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1990''

->''"It's hard for me to pick [[EnsembleDarkhorse a favorite minor character]] in this strip. I'm obviously a big fan of Prison Guard Who [[CasualDangerDialogue Takes Time During Crisis To Weave An Evocative Metaphor]]...But I think I'm going to have to go with Guy In Hat in panel three, who's hanging out with Peter and MJ in some... room... where there are curtains and a floating flat-screen TV, and he's just [[TheSnackIsMoreInteresting going to town on a sandwich]]. 'Earth tremor? State prison? Sounds like someone's problem, but it sure ain't mine! ''[CHEWING NOISES][='=]''"''
-->-- '''''Blog/TheComicsCurmudgeon''''' [[http://joshreads.com/?p=21535 on]] ComicStrip/TheAmazingSpiderMan''

->''"You just saw this guy flying! ''Be impressed'', dammit!"''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]''' on ''Captain Electron''

->'''Nostalgia Critic:''' Moving on, I guess?
->'''Linkara:''' Nobody even batted an eye?
->'''Spoony:''' Is this like an everyday thing?
->'''Nostalgia Critic:''' When did killing a vampire become yesterday's news?
->'''Linkara:''' Yeah, I don't care where or when you are--And then again, neither does Uwe Boll--but killing a vampire will never be a boring thing!
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''' , '''[[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]''' and '''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]''' on ''Film/BloodRayne''

->'''Asok:''' You are dressed very odd.\\
'''Phil:''' It's casual day.\\
'''Asok:''' That's the most frightening outfit I have ever seen.\\
'''Phil:''' You haven't seen me in bicycle pants.
-->-- ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}''

->''"Find anything interesting?"''
-->-- '''Barry Burton''', completely ignoring the decomposing snake that Jill Valentine just killed, ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil''

->''"On any other day, that might seem strange."''
-->-- '''Cameron Poe''', ignoring a car being towed behind the plane by a rope as he hunts escaped convicts, ''Film/ConAir''

->'''River Song:''' How could we miss that?\\
'''The Doctor:''' Low level perception filter, or maybe we're thick.
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho''

->''"Asides from the wounded soldier lying unconscious, starving, and dehydrated in the main hallway, the remainder of the summer remains uneventful."''
-->-- LetsPlay ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress: {{LetsPlay/Boatmurdered}}''

->''"A three-headed Rolf. Yawn."''
-->-- '''Eddy''', who has been having a ''[[BizarroEpisode weird]]'' day, ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy''

->'''Dr. Venture:''' Okay, Hank, you're taking this way too well.\\
'''Hank:''' Well gee, dad, [[SeenItAll we've seen a lot of strange stuff over the years]]. Last week, we were fighting a giant dinosaur.\\
'''Dr. Venture:''' Granted, but I wasn't the dinosaur. Can't you see where maybe this is different?
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', after Dr. Venture is turned into a giant caterpillar, "Mid-Life Chrysalis"

->''"Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Pretty neat."''
-->-- '''Finn The Human''' upon seeing [[{{Hell}} The Nightosphere]], ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', "Return to the Nightosphere"

->'''C-Sec officer:''' A few minor changes were made to reduce the risk of geth infiltration. We apologize for the inconvenience.\\
'''Legion (a geth):''' Geth do not infiltrate.\\
'''C-Sec officer:''' You should leave your personal synthetic assistant at home. They're not allowed on public shuttles any more.\\
'''Legion:''' ''(sidelong glance at Shepard)'' Geth do not ''intentionally'' infiltrate.
-->-- ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''

->''"She's just being [[CloudCuckoolander Pinkie]] [[GenkiGirl Pie]]."''
-->-- '''Several different characters''' from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''

->''"Action movies have conditioned us to associate an actor's [[UnflinchingWalk indifference toward devastating destruction]] with badassedness, rather than, you know, being a soulless shell of a human being. Combine this trend with the Russian people's legendary inability to give a single shit and the result is the poster for Stalingrad, in which a giant plane is set to crash just above the scene and not one of the eight actors is even looking at it. Some men just [[SubvertedCatchphrase don't]] care to watch the world burn."''
-->-- '''''{{Website/Cracked}}''''', [[http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/the-5-most-unintentionally-hilarious-new-movie-posters/#ixzz32svrQtkh "The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious New Movie Posters"]]

->''"Kid, you're on a raft with fucking DINOSAURS! How about a little acknowledgement of this miracle, huh?"''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Raoul Puke]],''' reviewing ''WesternAnimation/WereBackADinosaursStory''

-> '''Grishnak:''' You're a strange lookin' group. What'dya want?\\
'''[[PlayerCharacter Knight-Captain]]:''' ... says the half-orc pirate.
-->-- ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' {{subvert|edTrope}}ing [[PlayedForLaughs for laughs]]

->'''Howard:''' Nice place. You pay to live here?\\
'''Beverly:''' It's cheap, the manager of my band found it for me.\\
'''Howard:''' I suggest you find a new manager.\\
'''Beverly:''' Hey, I'd love to, but we got this damn contract with the sleazoid. He won't even give us the money he owes us.\\
'''Nostalgia Critic:''' YOU KNOW YOU'RE TALKING TO A DUCK, RIGHT?!
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''' reviewing ''Film/HowardTheDuck''

->'''Narrator''': At that moment, Polnareff's hair went crazy.\\
'''Polnareff''': ''(Polnareff's hair grows to a ridiculously tall height.)'' Whoa, my hair got extremely long!\\
'''Jotaro''': It always does that.\\
'''Joseph''': It always happens.\\
'''Polnareff''': No, even so, this is different, look at this length! It's tall, taaalll! ''(Polnareff's hair reaches into the stratosphere.)''\\
'''Narrator''': Po-polnareff's hair became really, really long but that didn't phase them.
-->-- ''WebVideo/VaguelyRecallingJoJo, episode 20''

->'''Drill Sergeant:''' Don't just stand there gawping! Like you've never seen the hand of God before!
-->-- ''Film/MontyPythonsTheMeaningOfLife''

->'''Dobbs:''' Pete. Didn't expect to see you back in here. On account of you being [[BackFromTheDead deceased]] is all.
-->-- TheBartender, ''[[http://e-merl.com/2006-10-20-the-rule-of-death The Rule of Death]]''

->'''Mills:''' Cole, what's wrong with you? How you even got an appetite right now?
->'''Coles:''' ''(eating beans from a can)'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Eating's for the living]].
->'''Mills:''' We just got taken down by [[Film/KingKong a monkey the size of a building]]!
->'''Coles:''' Yeah, that was an unconventional encounter.
-->-- ''Film/KongSkullIsland''

->'''Ash''': So, you're a dog.\\
'''Sam''': For certain values of "dog", yeah.\\
'''Ash''': And you, Flapsnap.\\
'''Claptrap''': CLAPTRAP!\\
'''Ash''': You're some kind of robot?\\
'''Claptrap''': I'm also a ninja!\\
'''Ash''': And our host is a pirate.\\
'''Winslow''': I'm more of a retired raconteur these days.\\
'''Ash''': And none of you are weirded out by this?\\
'''Claptrap''': Nope.\\
'''Winslow''': Nay.\\
'''Sam''': I get weirder things in my sandwiches.\\
'''Ash''': Oookay then.
-->-- ''Videogame/PokerNight2''

->'''Ron:''' Which alarm is that? Zombie virus?\\
'''Wendy:''' Alien invasion?\\
'''Jackie:''' Giant spider robots from another dimension where the Nazis won?\\
'''Teddy:''' No, that one goes eeyoo-eeyoo-awdub-awdub...\\
'''Wendy:''' Ah, yeah.
-->-- ''Series/{{Powerless 2017}}''