Quotes / Unspoken Planguarantee

Al Swearengen: Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.

Roy: OK, uh, are you going to let me know what it is?
Elan: Of course not, Roy! Everyone knows that plans only work if you keep them a secret first!
Roy: What? That's not true at all!
Elan: Sure it is! If you talk about them and then they happen exactly that way, there's no tension!

John Connor: You know what you have to do!
Mike Nelson: Well of course, but tell me again so that we can have a laugh at how obvious it is.

"And now that I've described The Plan in full, nothing can possibly go wrong."
Red Mage, 8-Bit Theater

"Sometimes a plan is just a list of things that don't happen..."
Tiger, Spinnerette

"Itís too primitive to be a plan," she said, "and if my assumptions about why the Pax wants me are wrong... well, it won't work." The mischievous smile took on a wry twist. "It probably wouldn't work anyway."
I glanced at my wrist. "We have forty-five minutes until we spin down and find out if someone's waiting," I said. "Do you want to share your plan that wouldnít work?"
The girl began speaking. She did not talk long. When she was finished, the android and I looked at each other. "You're right,"I said to her, "itís not much of a plan and it wouldn't work."
Aenea's smile did not falter. She took my hand and turned my wrist so that my chronometer was face-up. "We have forty-one minutes," she said. "Come up with a better one."

"These are the ways military strategists are victorious. They cannot be spoken of in advance."
Sun Tzu

"Um..." Hayate began.
"Shhhhhhh!" Amy said, laying a hand on her shoulder. "The Admiral is scheming."
"But, I-"
"Shhhhhhhhh! If she explains the plan, it takes all the magic out of it," Amy said cheerfully. "Trust me, I've worked out the process by this point."

The Doctor: I've got a better idea this time.
Bill: Which is the part you never tell me.
The Doctor: Don't I?
Bill: No.
The Doctor: I probably just get interrupted.
Doctor Who, "The Eaters of Light"