Quotes / Unkempt Beauty

I see a neon moon above
I searched for years, I found no love.
I'm sure that love will never be
A product of plasticity
Mothers of Invention, Plastic People - Absolutely Free.

Gimme the girl that's beautiful
Without a trace of makeup on
Barefoot in the kitchen
Singin' her favorite song
Joe Nichols, "Gimme That Girl"

Sweatpants, hair tied,
chillin' with no makeup on,
That's when you're the prettiest, 
I hope that you don't take it wrong
Drake, "Best I Ever Had"

Lift up your head, wash off your mascara
Here, take my Kleenex, wipe that lipstick away
Show me your face clean as the mornin'
I know things were bad but now they're okay
Little Shop of Horrors, "Suddenly Seymour"