Quotes / Unkempt Beauty

I see a neon moon above
I searched for years, I found no love.
I'm sure that love will never be
A product of plasticity
Mothers of Invention, Plastic People - Absolutely Free.

Gimme the girl that's beautiful
Without a trace of makeup on
Barefoot in the kitchen
Singin' her favorite song
Joe Nichols, "Gimme That Girl"

Sweat pants, hair tied,
chillin' with no makeup on,
That's when you're the prettiest, 
I hope that you don't take it wrong
Drake, "Best I Ever Had"

Lift up your head, wash off your mascara
Here, take my Kleenex, wipe that lipstick away
Show me your face clean as the mornin'
I know things were bad but now they're okay
Little Shop of Horrors, "Suddenly Seymour"