Quotes / Unfazed Everyman

Wednesday looked at him with amusement and something else—irritation perhaps. Or pride. "Why don't you argue?" asked Wednesday. "Why don't you exclaim that it's all impossible? Why the hell do you just do what I say and take it all so fucking calmly?"
"Because you're not paying me to ask questions," said Shadow. And then he said, realizing the truth as the words came out of his mouth, "Anyway, nothing's really surprised me since Laura."
"Since she came back from the dead?"
"Since I learned she was screwing Robbie. That one hurt. Everything else just sits on the surface."

"Lay off would ya'? I'm as normal as they come and this is a contest of freaks. What do you want me to do, fire my slingshot at him?"
Maes Hughes, Fullmetal Alchemist

Arthur had not been voted "Most suitable to represent the human race." In fact, he had been voted "Most likely to end up living in a hole somewhere in the Eastend Downs with only the chip on his shoulder for company".

I liked the idea of a pragmatic, unflappable, down-to-earth working class sort encountering all kinds of bizarre magical events and creatures, none of which seem to cause any fear or astonishment because his no-nonsense north of England attitude is ingrained in him to the very bone.
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw describing Derek Badger, the protagonist of his video game Poacher

Doctor: Rory, take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there. Now, do it!
Rory: (deadpan) Right. Putting Hitler in the cupboard. Cupboard, Hitler. Hitler, cupboard. C'mon.
Adolf Hitler: But I am the Fuhrer!
Rory: Right, in you go.
Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"

Somewhere inside Richard a small reasonable voice pointed out that there never was an Atlantis, and, thus emboldened, went on to state that there were no such things as angels, and for that matter most of his experiences of the last few days had been impossible. Richard ignored it. He was learning, awkwardly, to trust his instincts, and to realize that the simplest and most likely explanations for what he had seen and experienced lately were the ones offered to him — no matter how unlikely they might seem.

Bender: You'd really want a robot for a friend?
Fry: Ever since I was nine.
Futurama, Space Pilot 3000

Michelle: I feel so out of place here. I don't understand why Fry fits in so well.