Quotes / Unfamiliar Ceiling

I wasn't awake for three-odd days. Blood loss, mage healing, all of that.
Beka Cooper, Bloodhound

Sleep did eventually overtake him, but Shinji knew hed laid there for at least a couple of hours in the dark, staring at the sky out the windows, or at yet another unfamiliar ceiling.
Shinji Ikari, A Crown of Stars

His eyes fluttering open to see an unfamiliar ceiling, Shinji feels the rough texture of the hospital sheets first before he notices the sticky coldness of the sensor pads across his body and the uncomfortable pressure of the IV line in the crook of his arm. He also notes the abrasive coarseness of the straps about his wrists, ankles, and across his thighs and chest.

The darkness slowly resolved itself into light and blurry shapes, and Shinji realized he had opened his eyes. He lay on his back, staring at a ceiling he didn't know, hearing the gentle, rhythmic sound of his own breathing. His mind was blank, and it seemed as though his body was made out of lead. He was warm, covered in a thick white blanket and lying on something soft and surrounded by walls on three sides like a kind of bunk.

The bed was comfortable, but I barely managed to get any sleep. I had spent most of the night staring at this new unfamiliar ceiling.
Shinji, The One I Love Is