Quotes / Unexplained Recovery

Woman: Father McGrath... I thought you were dead.
Father McGrath: I was!
Show With In A Show in The Simpsons, "Bart's Dog Gets An F"

"He was dead... Then he got better."
Tag Line for the movie Crank: High Voltage

Zachariah: How are you—
Castiel: ...alive? That's a good question. How did these two [indicating Sam and Dean] end up on that airplane? Another good question, because the angels didn't do it. I think we both know the answer, don't we?

Nasanna: Shepard? But...you're dead!
Commander Shepard: I got better.

Mikaal: Thought you were injured.
Congorilla: I got better.

Cinema Snob: ... Weren't you Doctor Insano?
Spoony: Eh. I got better.

K: But how?! You were supposed to be deeeeeeead!
Nabeshin: I was, but Kumi-Kumi fixed me up with her needles!
Kumi-Kumi: I'm an acupuncturist!
Nabeshin: That's beside the point.

Sir Bevedere: What makes you think she is a witch?
Peasant: Well she turned me into a newt!
Sir Bevedere: ...A newt?
Peasant: I got better.

[The Karate Duo Number One have been curb stomped by Geno]
Zeus Guy #1: I have been defeated.
Zeus Guy #2: I am dying.
Zeus Guy #1: Seriously?
Zeus Guy #2: Yes.
Zeus Guy #1: But you can't die. We're a karate duo. You can't have a duo with just one!
Zeus Guy #2: Then you shall be Karate Solo Number One.
Zeus Guy #1: But that does not have the same ring to it.
Zeus Guy #2: Ugh....
(Zeus Guy #2 dies.)
Zeus Guy #1: Nooooooooo....
[Cut to the Karate Duo recalling the story to Hal and Jeff]
Jeff: Woah! Woah! Woah! If he died in the story, how's he sitting next to you?
Karate Duo Number One: Lucky Candy!
Bowser's Kingdom Episode 9

Frieza: Vegeta?! This can't be, I killed you myself!
Vegeta: Sorry, it didn't take!

Shinra: You had two bullets in your body, and considerable muscle damage in your legs and abdomen... so why are you walking around like nothing's happened?
Shizuo: Why? 'Cause I can.

Candide: Dearest, how can this be so?
You were dead, you know.
You were shot and bayoneted, too.
Cunegonde: That is very true.
Ah, but love will find a way.
Candide: Then what did you do?
Cunegonde: We'll go into that another day.
Now let's talk of you.
You are looking very well.
Weren't you clever, dear, to survive?

James: Makes-Things came back.
Fritz: What?
James: He came back.
Fritz What, like, brought back? Cloning? Was that crazy vacation theory someone espoused true?
James: No, he just... came back. One day he wasn’t there, the next day he was.

Zim: Skoodge? I thought the Almighty Tallest killed you.
Skoodge: Yeeaaah, but I'm okay now.

Mad Jack: Didn't you die a while back?
Angus Dagnabbit: Aye. I got better.
Mad Jack: You were DEAD! How do you get better from being DEAD, you Scottish twit?!?!

Tarvek: How did you—
Othar: HA! A mere chain is nothing for an adventurer such as myself!
Tarvek: What? No! I thought he'd broken your back!
Othar: Oh, that. Special trousers.
Tarvek: What!?
Othar: Very heroic.

Mu: Shaka?! Didn't you get atomized?
Shaka: Yeah, but I got better.

"Okay, cutting to the chase. Back, not dead. Surprise! Never mind."
Missy, Doctor Who

Rarity: Parents? How are you alive? You both died in that chariot crash while on vacation six years ago.
Rarity's Father: Well, if there's anything Sweetie Bell here has taught us, it's not to question things.

"Yeah, I don't get this either. Pretty sure I died."
Kyoko Kirigiri, Dangan Ronpa 3 (original English dub)

"Obviously, the Master always gets 'killed' at the end of the adventure. And then, with minimal explanation, just shows up again!"

"'Angry Bob un-died.'"
Rat solves a major hurdle for the sequel to his novel, Pearls Before Swine

Lazyfire: You ever watch American Dad!?
Robot Randy: No.
Lazyfire: Okay, uh, there's an episode where the main character watches another character die, and just- like, he gets carried off by waves or something like that so he doesn't technically die. But, uh, at the end of the episode, because they have to maintain continuity, he's just there, and the main character looks at him and goes, "Jeff! I thought you died!" And Jeff just goes, "nope". And that's- that's about as far as this game goes in explaining how Pac is still alive.