Quotes / Undercover as Lovers

Maya: We were talking about your agents pretending to be married assassins.
Yussif: Very convincing.
Maya: I don't think anyone in the FBI would actually go all the way just to sell a cover story.
McGee: Guys, they were acting.
Yussif: Trust me. I know when someone's acting when they're having sex.
Maya: It's true. I've met his wife.
NCIS, "Under Covers"

Kate: Scary scenarios keep popping into my head. Like you're here to fire me, or to tell me I'm going undercover as DiNozzo's wife.
NCIS, "Réveille"

"Since we're a married couple, we should just watch TV and not have sex."
Jaime Sommers, Bionic Woman

Win Shroeder the neighbour: Oh! Oh, Rob, Laura. (sprays their legs with water) I'm so sorry. So, good morning. So how was your first night? Peaceful?
Agent Mulder as Rob the Happy Husband: (looks lovingly at Scully) Oh, it was wonderful. We just spooned up and fell asleep like little baby cats. Isn't that right, Honey Bunch?
Agent Scully as Laura the Happy Wife: (with a crooked smile) That's right, Poopy Head.
The X-Files, "Arcadia"

Cream: Darling... You don't love me anymore, do you?
Bakumaru: (jumping back, startled) W-w-well, the thing is... I-I-I really d-do love y...
Cream: (embarrassed) B-Bakumaru! We're just acting, remember?
Eto Rangers, "A Strawman Argument"

Maxwell Smart: Let's see what Control has given us in their Newlywed kit. [opens suitcase and takes out each item one at a time] Throwing knife. Knockout drops. Revolver. And brass knuckles. This must be the Commando kit. [opens another suitcase] Ah, this is the Newlywed kit. [takes out each item] Toothpaste. Throwing knife. Knockout drops. Revolver. Brass knuckles.