Quotes / Underground Monkey

Skywarp: At least I'm not ugly.
Thundercracker: Ugly? You and I look the SAME!

We're already moving up in the world! SPRITE RECOLORINGS!

Thereís a boss character in that heís functionally identical to certain standard enemies but twice the size and canít shut his fucking face for five seconds and you fight him like twenty times. The plot reason is that itís one guy with like a million bodies and I thought "Okay, thatís actually quite threatening as villains go since blowing him up over and over again isnít going to help and thatís pretty much the only string in my bow", until what might as well be the final boss is just ten more of the guy—psych! Blowing him up over and over again is going to help!

I could paint myself blue and play the part of ice variant!