Quotes / Uncomfortable Elevator Moment

Wade: Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet.
Stryker: Oh, Wade.
Wade: Dreams really do come true.
Stryker: Just shut it!

Loki: Last four days on earth? Mmm. If I had a dick, I'd go get laid. We can do the next best thing.
Bartleby: What's that?
Loki: Let's kill people.
[Woman spit-takes her coffee]
Loki: [chuckling] No, not you.

Garrus: Do you ever miss those talks we had on the elevators?
Tali: No.
Garrus: C'mon, remember when we used to talk about life on the flotilla? It was an opportunity to share!
Tali: This conversation is over.
Garrus: Tell me again about your immune system.
Tali: I have a shotgun.
Garrus: ...maybe we'll talk later.
Mass Effect 2, about the elevator scenes in the first game.

"Now you have to be very silent, you know, because nobody talks in Germany in an elevator. It's forbidden."
Sonne, Victoria (2015)