Quotes / Ugly Cute

"I can't tell if you're adorable or creepy!...Probably gonna go with creepy."

I'm a manatee
I'm a manatee
I'm every bit as wrinkled as my granatee
No difference between my face and fanatee
But to a manatee, I'm cute
—'"I'm a Manatee", an American children's song

"Facially, it's unattractive. Physically, it's deformed. Somehow, it's still adorable."

"[shrieks in utter fear] So CUTE!"
Jeri Katou, upon seeing Guilmon for the first time, Digimon Tamers

"You know, this is actually kind of... [alien throws up on J] ...Cute."
J, after delivering an alien baby, Men in Black

"He's so UGLY! I LOVE HIM!!!"
Cassie Lang, Ant-Man