->"''Little Kaleel got a gun he got from the rebels''\\
''to kill the infidels and American devils''\\
''a bomb on his waist''\\
''a mask on his face''\\
''he prays five times a day and listens to heavy metal''"
-->-- '''Music/LupeFiasco''', "Little Weapons"

->"''If you have the need, we have the breed.''"
-->-- '''Tleilaxu Master''', ''Series/ChildrenOfDune'' miniseries

->''When [[MagnificentBastard Tywin Lannister]] became Lord of Casterly Rock, he wanted more from his [[RagsToRiches former kennel-master]] than fealty; he bet that training hounds to kill isn't far from training boys to kill. In just two generations, my brother Gregor and I proved him right: I gutted my first man at ''twelve.
-->-- '''Sandor Clegane,''' ''Series/GameOfThrones: History And Lore - House Clegane''

->Given that her pride in her piloting abilities was, when you got down to it, all that Asuka Langley Sohryu thought she ''had'', Shinji kept his peace. He had seen the nightmare that had happened when her pride was shattered and he had utterly no wish to see ''that'' door open ''ever again''
-->-- ''Fanfic/OnceMoreWithFeeling''